Content Removal Appeal Process

1. Appeal Procedure

If any person depicted in the content on Khalamite wishes to appeal for the removal of such content, they can do so by sending an email to our designated email address: Upon receiving the appeal, we will initiate an investigation into the matter.

2. Investigation Process

Our administrators will conduct a thorough investigation into the appeal, considering factors such as whether consent was given for the depiction in the content and whether any applicable laws regarding consent have been violated. This investigation will be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

3. Outcome Communication

Once the investigation is concluded, we will communicate the outcome to the appellant via email. If it is determined that consent was not given or is void under applicable law, the content will be promptly removed from the platform. If the investigation determines that consent was given and no laws have been violated, the content will remain on the platform.

4. Consent and Good Faith

All individuals depicted in the content on Khalamite have signed a consent form with us, and we believe in good faith that every person depicted has consented to being depicted. Furthermore, we ensure that all content on our platform is lawful and complies with our Standards. The appeal process is in place to further validate this belief and to address any concerns raised by individuals depicted in the content.

5. Neutral Body Resolution

In the event of a disagreement regarding the outcome of the appeal, the appellant has the right to request resolution by a neutral body. The appellant can request the involvement of a French Commissioner of Justice to resolve the disagreement. We will cooperate fully with the neutral body to ensure a fair and impartial resolution.

6. Conclusion

We take the rights and concerns of all individuals depicted in the content on Khalamite seriously. Our appeal process is designed to provide a fair and transparent mechanism for addressing such concerns. Thank you for your cooperation in upholding our commitment to maintaining a respectful environment on